2017 Reading Challenges


… the year I explore the world on my terms.

… the year that self-care is a part of self-love, not just a rescue plan.

… the year I focus on my studies.

… the year I become a better reader.

10 Reading Challenges 2017

  1. A private reading challenge that I am doing with some wonderful pen friends

Level 1, 12 books

I found the next 9 challenges on the website girlxoxo.com: The Master List of 2017 Reading Challenges

2. 2017 Audiobook Challenge

Weekend Warrior, 5-10 audiobook

3. Back to Classics 2017

6 categories

4. The Bad Boys of Romance Reading Challenge 2017

Level One, 5-9 books – Capturing the Bad Boy

5. Craving Cozies 2017 Reading Challenge

Peckish, 1-10 cosy mysteries

6. eBooks Reading Challenge 2017

Megabyte, 25 eBooks

7. 2017 Modern Mrs Darcy Choose-Your-Own Adventure Reading Challenge

Reading for Growth: stretch yourself in 2017

8. Old School Kidlit Reading Challenge 2017

12 books, monthly theme

9. 2017 Operation Deepen Faith

Reading the bible and Christian Theology

10. Out of This World Reading Challenge 2016

5-10 books – Beam Your Way Into Outer Space


For some this list of lists seems like a lot, for others it’s child’s play. I have been quite conservative with my choices especially ones like The Bad Boys of Romance, I’ve read 5-9 of those in a day before! What I haven’t done before is review a book, even on a small scale and that is something I want to do. Part of this reading journey is to discover what works in terms of the writing process not just what I enjoy as a reader.

Over theses last days of 2016 I am going to create sign-up posts for each challenge and start thinking of which books I will chose. I also need to set up a GoodReads account…


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