NaNoWriMo ended a month ago and I have spent the last few weeks struggling with my mental and physical health. The muses have been silent, but to be honest I have not been calling to them. I was careful to write down my ideas during NaNoWriMo and I know that once I am at a point of wellness I will be able to return to the characters and worlds that danced in my dreams.

With my health aside, my thoughts have started to turn to the New Year that is rushing towards us. I have long struggled with setting and keeping goals and making plans and the truth I have had to face is that my brain just does not work that way. And that’s okay.

2017 is going to be my year of exploration and the heady world of the written world is a journey I am excited to embark on.

One of the things I learnt after I crashed out of NaNoWriMo with barely a word written was that I don’t read enough, I certainly do not read a variety of texts, and that needs to change! However, I don’t want to go through this blindly as telling myself to read more isn’t likely to help me make a change in my habits so I have decided to sign up for a few challenges. Some fit my current reading habits (romance, romance and a dash more romance. Did I say romance?) but the majority are to help me gather the confidence to step outside of my current reading rut and enable me to explore more of what the literary world has to offer.

I don’t want to make this something stressful, so I have considered my future writing plans, my uni commitments and my low pressure, high procrastination threshold I have settled on challenges that will offer variety, stability and fun.

I am committing only to the lowest threshold each challenge has to offer, like I said, this is about exploration NOT pressure or obligation and I want to track my journey and see if becoming a better reader will enable me to become a better writer.




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