2017 Operation Deepen Faith

This challenge is certainly a change of pace from many of previous challenges, however it fits comfortably with my 2017 activities and life plans. As of a few weeks ago I am officially reattempting to get my undergraduate degree, my education path has been complicated to say the least and this attempt has not come without it’s difficulties, not least having spent the last 6 weeks becoming increasingly bedridden. Thankfully my BA is through distance study, but that doesn’t mean that much studying has been happening.

There are two parts to this challenge one is: Wonderful Words of Life which is to read the bible (at a pace of the readers choosing) and the second is: Christian Nonfiction. As my BA is in Theology both of these will be covered in much detail before and after my exams in May and this is a really great way to interact with others, have support but also as a means of conquering my first year reading list.

For some this may be a huge deviation from my previous reading habits, but what can I say I’m a multifaceted person…

Official Sign Up page


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