Old School Kidlit Reading Challenge 2017

This challenge will be one of the more difficult for me because each month in themed and writing a review is a part of the challenge, but I am really excited to give it a go. I have a nice little shelf of ‘old school’ books that have been in my TBR pile for years and my local library has a wonderful children’s section so I am definitely going to enjoy finding each months read.

The monthly categories are as follows, with full details available from the link in the image caption:

  • January: Award winners
  • February: Books you loved in childhood
  • March: Published prior to 1945
  • April: Fantasy stories
  • May: Animal stories
  • June: Required reading (classics or other books typically assigned in school)
  • July:  Family stories
  • August: Nonfiction
  • September: School stories
  • October:  Mysteries
  • November: Published in the year (or decade) of your birth
  • December: Winter stories
Official Sign Up page



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