Out of This World Reading Challenge 2017

Aaaaand we’re back.

For my final challenge for 2017 I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for yet another romance themed challenge, this time the focus is on … space man… (if you know the 90s song, let’s be friends) 

Now whilst I love sci-fi romance, I am a bit particular so maybe this challenge will open up some new worlds (see what I did there) for me.

I have a delightful collection that I can re-read which would certainly place my level into ‘CyberSpace Sensuality’ or 30-50 books however I am considering focusing just on new reads which means I will set my level at ‘Beam Your Way Into Outer Spare’ or 5-10 books and aim for all of those to be new reads (though certainly not new authors as this girls has a couple of favs!)

I am also hoping to find books that are a bit more science heavy, and I love great worldbuilding, so any recommendations are most welcome 🙂

2017 Out of This World Official Sign Up



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