The Bad Boys of Romance Reading Challenge 2017

I had to sign up to this challenge, I just had to! I love romance.

Official Sign Up

My kindle is fit to bursting with cowboys, aliens, shifters, military/fire/police (you wear a uniform? this girl loves ya!) MC bad boys, assassins, spies and sexy geeks… the only thing I don’t read is historical romance (unless it’s a time travel story, those I like!) 

Before I discovered the joys of eBooks I owned a lot of Mills & Boon, I mean in the hundreds, and they are still hidden in various places around the house with a limp-hearted promise of one day going through them and donating all but my favourites. Alas (rejoice?)that day has not come, but I also no longer hoard the great smelling paper goodness that is the romance novel and instead binge-read digital bits-and-bytes.

Despite my love (obsession?) okay obsession for this delicious genre I have never reviewed them so the true challenge for me will be to write reviews for the books I read and with that in mind I am starting at level one, 5-9 books. I shall ‘capture the bad boy’ but the truth is I could munch through those in a day. Time shall tell, maybe I’ll be ‘taking the bad boy to the alter’ before the year is through!


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