Writing Vulnerability

The act of writing, for me, has attached to it a complicated web of emotions and conditions.

I have long struggled to complete projects, be they academic or personal, and whilst executive dysfunction plays its role I have come to realise that I am a vulnerable writer.

In every sentence, I infuse a part of myself, I put it forward for critique and rejection. I once was told that I have a strong writing voice, now I don’t know how true that is, but as I work I do hear myself a though there is a voice over playing.

Does anyone else experience that?

However, this is quite problematic when you are a naturally anxious person with a history of shattered identity and self esteem issues. To be aware of your voice when writing means they everything is an exposure. Blogging has been helpful in allowing me to take chances with how others perceive this said voice and though it is scary, I am thoroughly enjoying writing semi-regularly.

By consistently writing I am learning not only being vulnerable but I am learning that it okay to be vulnerable.

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